There are areas of risk involved your valuable assets, your devoted employees and especially yourself. We are here to protect them.

Being an one-stop security solution company, we have full range oflatest products lined up for you . Our staff are professionally trained and we are capable of design and implement a most cost effective proposal that fulfill client's requirement.




We have been actively involved in providing the most comprehensive and reliable solution to Singapore government agencies. Very often, latest technologies and strictest requirements are the only way to fulfill their request.

Some of our completed projects required designing, implementing and unique way of integrating the system with the end-user.

  Participation in NDP 2004 ~ 2007  
Commercial, Industrial and Residential


Losses due to theft and vandalism have significantly increased every year. It has been reported that the damages are quite substantial. As a matter of fact offices, retail outlets, warehouses, factories, hotels and even residences have engaged the usage of security systems.

Very often surveillance (CCTV) is the basis for deterring a crime-to-be and its video evidence is proof for prosecutions.

Electronic door controls (EAC) allows authorized personnel to gain access to certain premises. Either through the use of card reader or biometric identification, both promised a high level of confidential and properties protection.

We are glad to show you some of our project references that involved the most fundamental to most comprehensive design.


Ports and Marine


3i Technologies is one of the leaders in providing solution for assets monitoring and fleet management system. Whether your properties are out in the sea or on the main land, we have the capability to track them. GPRS, GSM and Satellite are being used to instantaneously locate them. Features for such applications includes alert notification, fuel monitoring, position reporting with time and date indication as well as customized detection system. Couple to the above in enhancing security, CCTV is also implemented.

With the surveillance cameras installed on board the vessels, you are able to monitor live activities at anytime and anywhere.



Petrochemical, Oil and Gas


The world is ever changing. As technologies advances, more and more natural resources are needed to commensurate with evolving products in a way or another.

Protecting these resources have been essential in many countries. We realized with an effective tool like CCTV does not keep intruders out of these areas. Therefore, to further increase security, fences can be equipped with sensors that generate an automatic alarm when someone touches the fence. Or they can be electrified to keep intruders away. However, these are not the only solutions that we have. Video analysis and thermal imaging can also be incorporated to ensure maximum protection.


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